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Fri Nov 2 17:49:20 UTC 2007

Hi Gavin,

I installed Edubuntu 7.04 with bios raid active. I don't know yet if it
Next monday I'll disconnect one HDD and I will see what happens... If it
works, I'll the same with the other  HDD.
After that, I have to resolve a conflict between eth0 and eth1. If I have
enable one card, eth0 to swicht and LTSP, I have all the terminals working,
but without internet. But, if I enable eth1 I have internet on the server
but LTSP doesn't works...  Do you know which are the configuration files?



2007/10/31, Gavin McCullagh <gmccullagh at>:
> Hi,
> On Wed, 31 Oct 2007, Guillem Moyà wrote:
> > anyone knows how to set up a RAID 1 system with Edubuntu 7.04 server?
> >
> > I'm a little bit confused with the bios motherboard setup... Should I
> switch
> > off this option and let Edubuntu do the hard work...?
> It depends if you're talking about hardware or software RAID.
> If you have a hardware raid controller and wish to use hardware RAID, you
> need to configure the RAID controller to use hardware RAID 1 and then the
> edubuntu install should just see the RAID disk.  How the RAID setup is
> done
> depends on the raid controller, it may include booting off a raid config
> cd.
> If you want to use software RAID, you don't do anything in the BIOS, you
> install edubuntu as normal, then as far as I can recall:
> 1. When you get to partitioning, choose manual partitioning
> 2. Partition the two disks, creating an identical partition on each for
>    each RAID-1 partition you want to create.  Set the partition type to
>    linux/raid.
> 3. choose Configure software raid.
> 4. configure new raid array devices pairing off the partitions you created
>    above, setting them to be mounted in the right way and with the right
>    filesystem.
> At one time with software raid you couldn't have /boot as your first
> partition (first needed to be /).  This problem is probably fixed now but
> it might be no harm to bear it in mind.
> Gavin
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