Clients Display BusyBox (initramfs) Prompt

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Sat Dec 15 10:06:33 UTC 2007

2007/12/14, Rohan Smith <rohanthesmith at>:
> the gateway is for the network with the internet, in the 192.168.0.xsubnet but I put my DHCP server on the
> 192.168.1.X subnet
> Both subnets are on different network cards

No problem if you are two network card  but you have set in your dhcpd.conf
the broadcast address as the Edubuntu server and the option
router but in your eth3 the gateway is ????
So if you use a subnet (class B) the gateway can be but
the netmask is and broadcast address is,  if
you use subnet (class C) the gateway can be one address in to (by convention 1 or 254), the netmask is
and the broadcast address is
I think the problem is network config (eth3 or dhcp) not ltsp server

Sorry my English is limited for a long and good response.

Hope help you

Emmanuel Le Normand
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