Question about an e-learning system for possible inclusion in Edubuntu

Miles Lane miles.lane at
Tue Dec 18 21:16:03 UTC 2007


I have a friend who has recently open sourced an e-learning system
that was developed on behalf of a U.S. university.  The software
reportedly is significantly easier to use and administer that
Blackboard.  The downside is that this system is currently written
using ColdFusion and relies on Adobe's Flash Media Streaming Server.
A port to BlueDragon is a possibility. - framework - open source CF development enviroment - ORM to make databases suck less - open source CF projects - THE place for functions and CFCsu.

Anyhow, is anyone here interested in checking out the code?  I can
contact the guy who paid for the development work and get a link to
the source.


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