frank claessen frank at
Sun Oct 29 10:09:32 UTC 2006

Sorry you all,

forgot to introduce myself.

My name is Frank Claessen, 48 years old, living at Curacao at the

I am working as a teacher in IT and I am coordinating IT affairs at
Radulphus College at Curacao.

Curacao has many problems in striving to become a modern, well run
country. Financial problems are huge and so there is no money to pay for
Mr. Gates' sofware.

It is for that reason that I have started to study Linux and I am
becoming more convinced and enthusiastic every day.

Edubuntu was a pleasant surprise. I had experienced Fedora (which I also
like a lot) and Mandriva.

I want to contribute as a tester and active user of Edubuntu as much as



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