[Fwd: Re: Edubuntu: Gallium vs. Kalzium]

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Sun Oct 1 15:21:24 UTC 2006

Hi Oliver, hi all,

1) Oliver, the only "official" KDE mail Edubuntu got about Gallium is mine, 
the one I sent here. The threats or hate mail you got have nothing to do with 
KDE developers and it is sad if people wrote you unrespectful things.
2) As ed says, this poses the problem of what Edubuntu is and how it will 
evolve. It seems that you ship 1 CD and therefore you lack space. Thus KDE 
poses problem. I understand perfectly that point of view and you have the 
right to ship Gnome-based applications only. However your users must be aware 
of that. You can remark that the teacher (Susan, thanks for her mail) who 
answered me mentions a Logo program. We have one in KDE-Edu, KTurtle. Maybe 
it is not shipped with Edubuntu but it is useful in classrooms.

Currently, the educational programs shipped both by Gnome and KDE-Edu cover a 
very small part of the needs. In the future, both Gnome and KDE and also 
other educational distributions will develop new edu software.  1 CD will not 
be enough.

What I would suggest would be to list the needs from teachers (Susan already 
mentioned what software she would like) on a wiki and start working from 
there. KDE based or Gnome based, I am sure teachers don't care. What matters 
is to offer a good alternative from proprietary software. Depending on the 
resources we have we could share the work among us (you, Gnome, KDE, 
others...). For example I will never encourage a KDE GCompris. Anyone is free 
to code one but this is not the goal I have with KDE-Edu. 

Oliver, it would be nice to clarify how you see the future for Edubuntu and 
how you want to work in the future with the different communities you base 
Edubuntu on.
For KDE-Edu, Edubuntu (and other educational distributions) is a way to get in 
touch with our users. As Susan wrote, currently educational software is a mix 
of good things and bad things. It is very clear that current applications 
have no benefit from teachers input. By working together we can make this 
Thanks for your attention,


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