Edubuntu/Ubuntu courses [fromer: Intro: Richard Weideman - Education Programme Manager]

Mauricio Hernandez Z. mhz.chile at
Thu Jul 27 16:04:50 UTC 2006

I changed the subject because I thought it was a bit diff body content.


> Here at InWords we have several projects on the boiler, centered on training 
> and education. At present we are focused on developing ECDL courseware 
> []. The Ubuntu courseware is 
> nearing completion and will be made commercially available soon.


= one =
In Chile, we are working on an Edubuntu course for teachers and lab
people. So far, the idea is to at least make the 'structure' of the
contents and objectives (syllabus you call it in english?) publicly
available for spanish sepakers and each LoCo team, people interested,
can build customized classes upon them, considering particular needs,
backgrounds, etc.

= two =
Also, some time ago, I tried to encourage a couple of guys to help
design a survey for Teachers and Students using Edubuntu to respond.
I think that would provide us a kind of feedback for us, planning
courses, to base our contents considering survey results.

I have no experience designing surveys, Does anyone has it?
If so, could that survey help Edubuntu purposes? would you be interested
in designing it?


As soon as I have some 'code' to show, I'll let you all know.


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