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Mon Sep 5 17:57:13 UTC 2005


As will become rapidly apparent, this is my first descent into testing.
I'm an ed-tech consultant here in Canada and also co-host of the webcast/podcast. I'm hoping to have this tested and vaguely
grasped by Sunday morning's show. I'm also putting together an open source
one-size-fits-all media production kit that i'm hoping to pitch to various
schoolboards i've been talking to... So therein lies my interest, now on
to my confusion, i have no idea how i'm supposed to do this, so my
apologies if this does not conform to accepted norms.

I used the base installation. I'm installing it on my old 3.2gig harddrive
that i have slaved onto my testing computer's 80gig(which is running XP
and mandrake 10.0) It's a celeron 2.4 with 512MB of ram latidatida

1. during the installation I was asked for my ip address. This made me
panic, as i have a dynamic ip address that i don't keep track of. I tried
to leave it blank, in retrospect might have been a better fall
back than skipping, but what do i know really.

2. etc/init.d/alsa.util failed to load (maybe connected to sudo restart
suggested in installation document but figured i should include it anyway)

3. after logging in and before gnome loads up i get a little box that says
something similar to... "could not look up internet address for ubuntu,
gnome will not work properly, so go to /etc/hosts and add ubuntu."

4. no internet connection available (probably connected to 1.)

5. cannot log into root terminal - it begins to start up(appers as block
on 'start menu') and then just goes away.

6. ran sudo /etc/init.d/dhcp3-server restart and got this message
(obviously connected to 3.)"unable to look up ubuntu via ()gethostbyname

7. cannot su into root from regular terminal, it just rejects my password.

8. not being able to log in as root, i can't change /etc/hosts and am
therefore stuck.

I'm writing from windows now, off to do some more research,



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