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Thu Nov 24 15:16:29 UTC 2005

On 11/23/05, Mallory L. Chua <Mallory.Chua at> wrote:
> I'd be up for this. I'm an engineering student in the US with a bent towards
> educational technology - I'll be working with the math and science dept of a
> local elementary school next semester, so I might be able to try and get
> some testing/content generation for Study Packages from them.
>  I'd like to hear more about what you've got in mind. It sounds almost like
> a SourceForge for curriculum in my mind right now, but I want to make sure
> my brain is going off on the right track.  At any rate, I can generate lots
> of content (been writing curriculum/tests/homework and teaching officially
> for 3 years) and while I've never worked on any packages before, I'm eager
> to learn. I've been coding for the better part of 5 years, but this'll be my
> first open-source project.
>  Let me know what I can do to help.


Thank you for the interest!

I see this working like this:

If there is an application in Edubuntu, that has the option to File ->
Save as...   then that means you can also do File -> Open file...

Teachers/Admins can install these packages via APT (we gotta figure
out the "format" for package names)

If so, I know teachers always have less time, more students needs,
same salary. Therefore, if we can contribute making lots of files for
the aforementioned apps. on diff areas, then maybe we are saving him
time so he can focus on helping students.

However, if the teacher feels he can also create/modify these files... educool!
Besides, he will gain "EduPoints". After some quantity, he could
change these "EduPoints" for EdubuntuMerchandising or other stuff (we
could figure out) .

At a latinamerican level, Ricardo Strusberg (Venezuela, 'strusberg' in
IRC), some other not yet confirmed guys, and me, are trying hard to
start the ITLA (Instituto de Tecnologia Libre para LatinoAmerica). So
maybe, teachers could also choose to change these points for IT
training (on Ubuntu or Edubuntu, or Python, etc)

Mel, as you see, there's a lot to do and we need more hands and idea.

Education needs lots of work. Edubuntu is indeed great help as a basic
tool, however, we could use the Edubuntu 'excuse' to provide much more
than a OS (i believe we're starting to do so) based on GnuLinux.

Mauricio Hernandez Z.

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