Knut Yrvin knuty at skolelinux.no
Fri Jul 22 09:26:53 UTC 2005

fredag 22. juli 2005, 09:22, skrev Hilaire Fernandes:
> We have two whiteboards at may job. One is Promothean (look like
> there are no driver at all for linux), the other is the Smartboard,
> using the shipped driver it was quite easy to make it work on an
> installed freeduc-cd, so it is installable under a Debian system.
> However I do not remember the details of the installation, just
> remember it was easy.

InOut is a Norwegian - Polish firm for reused computers. They have a
national agreement to take reused computers from public offices, and
sell them in Norwegian schools. They sell Skolelinux-solutions
(Debian-edu) with ready to use thin clients for whole classroms,
schools and municipalities. The schools can buy Smartboard 72" as a
part of the package. It's a great success.


- Knut Yrvin
Project manager Skolelinux

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