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I'm not an animator so I'm not sure how good this package is, however
GIMP has an animation package that you can add on.....I believe it's
simply called gimp animation.  FilmGIMP also has some really cool
features, although I believe they are more for making movies....On the
GIMP's (www.gimp.org) home page go to the ftp for 2.2.8 (stable) and
choose a site to download from, choose the plug-ins directory, choose
v2.0, and then choose GAP (Gimp Animation Package) and download it.
Here's what the readme says about it.

--->GAP Readme
The GIMP Video menu 2.0.

The GIMP-GAP (GIMP Animation Package) is a collection of Plug-Ins to
extend GIMP 2.0 with capabilities to edit and create animations as
sequences of single frames.

<---GAP Readme

Hope this is useful


On 7/18/05, Jane Weideman <janew at hbd.com> wrote:
        I think this sounds fantastic!
        An Edubuntu Breezy Badger would be awesome :)
        Someone has created some Ubuntu Breezy Badger artwork already
        Can anybody answer Nicholas' questions below?
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        I just discovered Edubuntu when the link was placed on Ubuntu's 
        homepage, and found the Artwork section.  I'd love to work on an
        animated Breezy Badger for this project.  I'd like to ask
        though, what
        format would you like it done in?  I'm used to Macromedia Flash,
        its proprietary shockwave format doesn't work well on linux and
        has a 
        horrible time syncing with sounds.  It'll be a while before
        is able to handle newer animations, and it's also not integrated
        Ubuntu at this time.  I'm going to look around for suitible
        to animate in.  If you can recommend any to me, I'd like to
        something that can take pressure sensitive input from my tablet
        The GIMP does, and hopefully export to Animated SVG, if such a
        exists.  Or would you prefer the frames to be drawn as an
        gif, or a series of PNGs?  Or, if there is a SWF authoring
        around that can export to Flash 4.0 or lower, like FutureSplash
        Animator, that would be good too.  What animation programs are
        available for Linux?
        Also, I'm just a novice with an interest in animation.  If you
        want a 
        professional, there's a guy named Dean Daniel Dodrill, who
        for Jazz Jackrabbit.  His site disappeared recently...   but he
        done some excellent animations for Learn2, and it would be
        awesome to
        see him work on this project. 
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