Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at ext.cri74.org
Fri Jul 22 07:22:18 UTC 2005


We have two whiteboards at may job. One is Promothean (look like there
are no driver at all for linux), the other is the Smartboard, using the
shipped driver it was quite easy to make it work on an installed
freeduc-cd, so it is installable under a Debian system. However I do not
remember the details of the installation, just remember it was easy.

Hope it helps.

Hilaire Fernandes

Miles Berry a écrit :
> Jane Weideman wrote:
>> On Wed, 2005-07-20 at 14:15 +0100, Hugh Parker wrote:
>>> Hi.
>>> I'm keen on the idea of edubuntu - if we can save ourselves money by
>>> avoiding the MS tax, that'll be welcome, as well as the better
>>> software.  A major pre-requisite for us would be support for
>>> whiteboards - we are equipped throughout with Hitachi Cambridge
>>> whiteboards.  I'm probably too late for the first release, but I'm
>>> about to have an ubuntu'd laptop, so I'd be willing to take part in
>>> any test program.
>>> Hugh Parker
>>> hcp at pobox.com
> We have SmartBoards, which I would now be very loathe to do without in
> my classroom. There is binary only software available from SmartTech
> (see http://www.smarttech.com/support/software/unix.asp) for SuSE,
> RedHat and  "Mandrake" at least. I've not tried this under Ubuntu, but I
> might be able to give it a try over the summer if that would be helpful.
> I doubt that such non open source code would belong in the edubuntu
> distribution, but it would be good to know how to get the boards up and
> running.

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