Breezy hacking day report

Martin (gzlist) gzlist at
Tue Mar 27 12:54:14 UTC 2018

We had another day of hacking on Breezy in London last weekend.

Jelmer has made good progress on foreign branch support over the last
weeks, which I've not kept up with reviewing. Friday night went over
all the pending branches and landed most, leaving a few of the bigger
branches to deal with on Saturday.

All but a handful of the several thousand format tests in Breezy now
pass against the Git format as implemented by brz-git.

As part of these changes, file ids are now mostly* an implementation
detail for the Bazaar format.

Rename detection is a format responsibility, which in the case of
Bazaar is done by using file ids. The Git format implementation
doesn't support tracking right now, but will in the future use an
algorithm similar to that used by C Git.

Since some of my earlier ui changes for Python 3, the character based
interactive commands have been broken, including shelve and uncommit.
I had a branch which addressed that, by also included a semantic
change to how config could be used. So, unpicked just the ui parts and
landed those, we'll address global state issues with config later.

We also landed several large branches for improving Python 3 support.
Gradually building up the number of tests that pass there, and added
support for our CI to run both versions. So far, we've been making
sure the tests always pass on 2.7 but only checking 3.X manually.

For more info, see the recently changed merged branches report:

Some of the foreign branch work has also incidentally helped out with
nested trees, though there's more to do there.


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