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Hi Florent,

See our original announcement:

Breezy is a friendly fork of Bazaar. Canonical is not involved in
Breezy and there is no CLA.

We forked because we wanted to make a number of big changes that would
have been hard to make inside of an established project like Bazaar.
(see the announcement for details)

I don't know what GNU or Canonical's plans for Bazaar are, and
whether a 2.8 is going to be released.


On Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 03:31:25AM +0100, Florent Gallaire wrote:
> Why a new name for the same sofware (same CLI, same disk format) ? Why
> not just a big number incrementation ? Don't you think Bazaar 3.0 with
> Python 3 support was a good fit ?
> There is a different project on Launchpad, so bugs are duplicated and
> so it's really hard to follow the dev in the already clunky Launchpad.
> The actual Bazaar milestone is 2.8b1, will Bazaar 2.8 be released ?
> Is the CLA problem remaining in Breezy or not ?
> Is Canonical (which is mainly using Git now ?) still involved in the
> Bazaar/Breezy development ? i.e. are you paid by Canonical to work on
> it ?
> I still have a branch waiting to be merged in Bazaar (a Vincent's
> promess) and Breezy (??)
> Cheers
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