Some questions

Florent Gallaire fgallaire at
Wed Nov 22 02:31:25 UTC 2017

Hello Jelmer and Martin,

Just after Vincent was fired from Canonical, you started a new Bazaar
fork named Breezy.

Why a new name for the same sofware (same CLI, same disk format) ? Why
not just a big number incrementation ? Don't you think Bazaar 3.0 with
Python 3 support was a good fit ?

There is a different project on Launchpad, so bugs are duplicated and
so it's really hard to follow the dev in the already clunky Launchpad.

The actual Bazaar milestone is 2.8b1, will Bazaar 2.8 be released ?

Is the CLA problem remaining in Breezy or not ?

Is Canonical (which is mainly using Git now ?) still involved in the
Bazaar/Breezy development ? i.e. are you paid by Canonical to work on
it ?

I still have a branch waiting to be merged in Bazaar (a Vincent's
promess) and Breezy (??)


FLOSS Engineer & Lawyer

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