Homebrew packages for OS X updated for 2.7.0

Vincent Ladeuil v.ladeuil+lp at free.fr
Thu Feb 25 08:44:14 UTC 2016

>>>>> Richard Wilbur <richard.wilbur at gmail.com> writes:

    > One of Robert Collins' plugins which he asked to be adopted by someone
    > else was 'bzr-dbus'.  This currently has Maintainer set to 'Bazaar
    > Developers' <=> ~bzr but Driver is set to Robert Collins.  I'm
    > guessing in this case that the call for adoption implies we should set
    > Driver to ~bzr, as well.

I think that's appropriate indeed.

    > [...]
    >> The issue arise if the copyright have to change (a plugin merged into
    >> core), there is no issue for the orphans if their copyright stay the
    >> same.

    > So is there a necessary change in copyright required to merge a plugin
    > into core?

For bzr itself, contributors should go to
http://www.ubuntu.com/legal/contributors and sign the contributor

Some people object to that.

    > In that case, if can't negotiate with the original authors the
    > copyright change, it sounds a lot simpler to go on maintaining the
    > plugin.


    > Do we have other options aside from reimplementing the feature in
    > core?

Well, one is to just use the plugin as is ;) Nothing wrong with that IMHO.


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