Releasing 2.6 [Was: bzr-hookless-email doesn't work with bzr 2.6]

Robert Collins robertc at
Mon May 27 19:03:56 UTC 2013

On 27 May 2013 22:17, Vincent Ladeuil <vila+bzr at> wrote:
>>>>>> Andrew Starr-Bochicchio <asb at> writes:
> <snip/>
>     > I'd be willing to help with that process any way I can. I if I'm
>     > reading that right, we'll need a Canonical sysadmin to open up a
>     > new 2.7dev branch as the next release will hopefully be the final
>     > beta.
> Almost. Admins help is needed for the pqm controlled branch, so that
> would mean creating lp:bzr/2.6 before 2.6.0 is released. That has been
> done already but should not be used or referred to until 2.6.0 *is*
> frozen.
> 2.7x releases up to (but excluding 2.7.0) should be created from
> trunk. But it's unclear to me when this will happen, after all, the 2.6
> series is targeted to quantal, 2.7 should have been targeted to raring
> but we just opened saucy...
>     > BTW: While doing a local dry run for some of the tasks in
>     > releasing.txt, I notice that bzr-2.6b2 was never actually tagged in
>     > the branch...
> Good catch, that was a typo, 2.6b2 has been created instead of
> bzr-2.6b2, I will land the correct tag asap.

Maybe it's time to switch [back?] to a continual deployment model: cut
releases off of trunk, phase out the current long lived branches and
stabilise on just trunk + last-release.

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