New user problems

Bosco Rama bzr at
Tue Jul 17 01:49:46 UTC 2012

Hi Neil,

Neil Martinsen-Burrell wrote:
> You are in the right place.  It appears that the latest version of
> bzr-keywords from launchpad (revision 20) uses
> bzrlib.filters.filter_stack_registry which was added to bzrlib.filters
> after version 2.5.0.  If you need to use Bazaar version 2.5.0, then
> you should use revision 19 of the bzr-keywords plugin.

Many thanks!  That fixed it.  I reverted to r19 as you suggested and
it no longer complains.

I installed the plugin as described in the bzr-keywords launchpad page
so getting the prior revision was as easy as you said.

As to 'need to use Bazaar version 2.5.0' it's a case of what's available
via the PPA.  While our guys allow us to use PPA's they don't allow us
to build stuff ourselves so we are subject to the availability in the
PPA itself.  I guess I should email the PPA maintainer to see what their
schedule for moving it forward is.

> If you are getting this plugin from the same PPA where you got
> bzr-2.5.0, then this is a bug with the inconsistent versions in the
> PPA and you should file a bug report.

The PPA for bzr (which is the one listed on the
site on the download page for Ubuntu) doesn't have the bzr-keywords plugin
in it.  You have to pull the plugin manually from the launchpad page using
the command:    bzr branch lp:bzr-keywords

> I have submitted a merge proposal
> to improve the documentation of bzr-keywords to that effect.

Nice.  That should alleviate any future mismatch issues.

Thanks again.


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