Refreshing the Bazaar docs for 2.0

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at
Thu Jul 23 02:04:42 BST 2009

Martin Pool wrote:

> It'd be nice to have links to the PDF versions within the main table
> of contents.


> I think the split-up pages are not necessarily bad, though the might
> cause us to rearrange the header structure a bit, but they do need
> next/prev/up links, which seem to be present at some levels not
> others.

At the moment, the only places this is working are:

* the Tutorials
* the User Guide

If you navigate into these, you should get the extra level of depth
("up") shown in the LHS of the navigation bar.

> It may be better to make the search thing run a google search across
> the site, though I guess that won't work offline.

I haven't looked into their searching feature so I'm not sure how easy
or hard that is yet.

> Can we get this to also provide the index across different doc
> releases as on

If we're happy to have a 'wrapper' site linking down to the docs for
each release, yes. (We certainly don't want to regenerate the docs for
every release every time!) Just as the Bazaar home page is patched into
the navigation bar on the LHS, we can add the top level (wrapper) site in.

This does imply regenerating the wrapper site as part of the RM kicking
off a new release but I suspect it's worth it.

> I don't think any of these points need to block it from being rolled
> out whenever you like.

If that's a +1 on the patch, please mark the merge proposal as such.

If it's a +1 on the general direction, we need Canonical IS to install
Sphinx on the server we build the docs on. Let's chat on IRC re how to
make that happen soon.

Ian C.

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