most authoritative branch for bzr dev?

John Arbash Meinel john at
Mon Jul 6 14:55:26 BST 2009

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Martin Pool wrote:
> I think we should point first to lp.  It may be faster because it has a
> smart server, though at the moment only over ssh.

So the biggest headache we've had with this situation is that we often
work from's tip revision, and
Launchpad hasn't mirrored it yet. So when we go to submit for review,
everything gets royally messed up.

I believe Robert mentioned a while ago that we might be able to change
PQM so that it actually manages "LP" branches. (So after doing the
merge, test, commit it would push to lp:... rather than wherever the
http://bazaar is currently at.)

Of course, we've also recently had lots of failures for PQM trying to
connect to lp: or bzr+ssh:// so maybe it isn't trivial to get it working.

I sort of like not being 100% dependent on LP for getting development
done, though I can't say that I've had any direct problems with the
hosting. (Some stacking issues, but that is because of bzr anyway.)

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