API for check

Vincent Ladeuil v.ladeuil+lp at free.fr
Fri May 8 14:47:08 BST 2009

>>>>> "robert" == Robert Collins <robert.collins at canonical.com> writes:

    robert> So, to get check reporting all errors, we need to stop raising
    robert> BzrCheckError in bzr check; rather we need to accumulate errors and
    robert> report them.

Preferably reporting them as we go, but more importantly it may
mean deeper changes as some checks may not make sense anymore
once an error is encountered (the christmas tree syndrome in
security monitors, i.e. too many error reporting may obscure the
real root cause).

    robert> I'm thinking of just adding a 'was_ok' attribute to
    robert> the Check*Result objects; programmers can then use
    robert> that for flow control if desired.

    robert> Thoughts?

Very good ones :)

That will allow checks to depend on some previous ones.


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