Last day to vote/reject on proposed EOL names

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Tue Mar 31 05:42:43 BST 2009

Ian Clatworthy пишет:
> Thanks to everyone for their thoughtful emails on picking
> the right names for our EOL settings. Here's my latest
> thinking - the names will be upwardly compatible with
> those used for svn (except for cr which I'm not planning to add):
> * native
> * lf
> * crlf
> * exact


> * native:crlf
> * lf:crlf
> * crlf:crlf

In fact I think bzr needs only native:crlf. Other variants is less likely to be used often.

Also I think you should hide xxx:crlf variants somewhere in the end of the eol help,
so newbies won't face with they existence very often, and therefore will avoid confusion.

> In general, wt-format[:repo-format] where the default
> repo-format is lf. I'm happy to change the separator to -, +, / or
> something else but : seems as good as any.
> I'm planning to land EOL support into with those names
> 24 hours from now. If anyone objects, here's your last chance
> to say why.
> Ian C.

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