bazaar/launchpad code standup 20090217

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at
Tue Feb 17 00:56:42 GMT 2009

Martin Pool wrote:

> discussion:
>  * should we have a bzr on-call reviewer? probably no, but should stay
> on top of reviews.

I try to find a day each week to keep the review queue down.
Part of that is selfish: if there's less in there, the odds of
my patches getting reviewed ought to increase. :-)


* dug deep into
  which suggests that fastimport is badly broken for multiple branches.
  As best I can tell, it's a git-fast-export or (git-xxx) bug.

* integrated Brian de Alwis' patch adding reset support to fastimport.
  (He's currently importing the 1.1 millions commits in the NetBSD
  tree into Bazaar using the initial cut of this patch.)

* initial coding for fast-import-filter enabling the splitting of
  a subdir into it's own project while retaining history for just
  those files. Also supports removal of files that should have never
  been committed (nuclear launch codes, etc.).

* today: publish dev4 benchmarks results; release fast-import-filter
  to early adopters; use new inventory-delta APIs in fastimport so
  it runs fast on brisbane core.

* soon: more usertest tweaks to intelligently select a pre-converted
  repository if one exists (upgrading large branches to the new formats
  is taking 20 hours per format which kind of makes upgrading-on-the-fly

Ian C.

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