bazaar/launchpad code standup 20090217

Martin Pool mbp at
Mon Feb 16 22:22:50 GMT 2009

 * did 1.12final, vila fixed the broken download files
 * talked to Karl, updated roadmaps on wiki
 * today: more on roadmaps, maybe reviews,

 * been pairing on networking with spiv, specifically a
well-encapsulated record stream

 * got most of resumable write groups working - so the general
approach is that we send one rpc with the deltas we want the recipient
to have; then it gets the chance to ask for more which is sent in a
second rpc that goes in to the same write group

 * would like to get over distractions and get on to making loggerhead better

 * (lots of calls and interruptions)
 * hooking the branch collection in to Launchpad

 * was on call but did not get asked for any reviews
 * worked on sqlobject-like base object so still using native Storm
but doing less work
 * worked on a branch to disable lp tests that fail on intrepid

 * should we have a bzr on-call reviewer? probably no, but should stay
on top of reviews.

Martin <>

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