Recommended use of Bazaar for single-committer multiple-machine projects?

John Arbash Meinel john at
Fri Dec 12 21:49:23 GMT 2008

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Matthew D. Fuller wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 03:24:20PM -0600 I heard the voice of
> John Arbash Meinel, and lo! it spake thus:
>> Otherwise in your case [...]
> I feel that this highlights a tension I've mentioned before; to wit,
> that even though the technical underpinnings needed to support "bound
> branches" and "[heavy] checkouts" are the nearly same, the intended
> usage and expected semantics are subtly different.  unbind is a bound
> branch-ish capability.  --local is riding Roman, which is why it
> always seems to tend to confusion.

Some of that is developer friction. I believe Robert is opposed to the
idea of "bound branches" because it is more complex than checkouts. I
personally like them.... I'm not entirely sure which is more simple for
users, but I can agree that a checkout with "commit --local" is not
polished sufficiently.

Perhaps a "bzr sync" which would push if it could, then pull-if-it-can,
etc. Might smooth local commits a bit. But then you are adding
yet-another command with its own quirks.

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