Bzr and Meld on Linux

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Have you tried the QBzr plugin for Bazaar? It's the best GUI in my
opinion and is progressing rapidly...



Enrique Ramirez wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm new to Bazaar and I _really really_ like it so far. The current
> state of GUI tools (even though I realize it's not part of the main
> development and usually comes from 3rd parties for most SCM systems)
> has been a bit frustrating for me and some soon-to-be-convert
> coworkers of mine. After trying olive in both windows and linux, we
> we're contemplating having to use CLI for a while until this product
> and tbzr matured a bit. This was mostly ok with us, except for the
> lack of a visual diff tool and, well being SVN users we were hugely
> spoiled by the filesystem icon overlays provided bt tsvn.
> That being said, we ran into Meld ( by
> pure coincidence. Meld handled pretty ok most of our basic bzr needs
> and were instantly relieved. I'm not sure how it will deal with
> branching I was wondering if it would be considered a good thing to
> mention it in the website as a GUI option for Linux users. Being a
> complete (and clueless) newcomer to bzr has proven to be a bit uphill
> for us, especially after being so incredibly spoiled by tsvn, I'm sure
> people with the same GUI background that I have could benefit from
> this.
> And to avoid misinterpretation, I _really_ like bzr so far and am
> aware of the hard work of the devs in all aspects of the project. Much
> appreciated <3
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> Enrique Ramirez Irizarry
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