[RFC] detecting "file not found" and "directory not found" exceptions on Windows

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Wed Aug 13 16:32:44 BST 2008

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Mark Hammond wrote:
>> I think it should be abstracted out to an osutils.list_dir() function,
>> and then we should spread that throughout the codebase.
> That sounds good to me.  How should we approach this for 1.6?  I think my patch as it stands is the least risky for 1.6 and we do the listdir() change on .dev.  OTOH, if you'd prefer the listdir patch for both 1.6 and .dev, let me know and I'll try and do it ASAP.
> [If my patch should be applied to 1.6, please let me know if I need to do anything else WRT bundle-buggy or anything else to make this happen.]
> Thanks,
> Mark

So the problem with your patch is that you only check "errno == EINVAL"
without checking that "winerror == ERROR_DIRECTORY".

The other difficulty is that we should really get a second reviewer's
approval before merging it. And with Martin gone, and Andrew leaving...

Anyway, I'll put something together based on your patch and submit it
with MERGE. I *do* think it should go into 1.6, as it is a serious
regression in functionality.

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