question on : "Team collaboration, distributed style" workflow

nico nbd at
Sun Jul 27 17:07:24 BST 2008

i try to set up a workflow for my dev. with bazaar an launchpad.

I' m interested to use the "Team collaboration, distributed style"
described here :

But i don't understand how to indicate information that coding is done
by a developer and a mege can be performed.

I follow the tutorail :
I create mirror branch from my launchpad project  with the following

bzr init-repo myrtille-repo

cd myrtille-repo/

bzr branch bzr+ssh://

Then I wan't to create a new feature branch for fixing bug 252329, so I
made the following action :

bzr branch myrtille-0.5.15 myrtille-fix-252329-makefile

cd myrtille-fix-252329-makefile

Then I modify my code in branch myrtille-fix-252329-makefile.
After code modification, then I do not know  what to do in the process .

I need to make a commit ? before merging in the mirror branch ?

On tutorial in section 6.2.5 "Merging a feature into trunk" , i have to
do the following actions, in my case :

cd myrtille-0.5.15
bzr pull
bzr merge ../myrtille-fix-252329-makefile
(resolve any conflicts)
bzr commit -m "Fixed bug #252329"
bzr push

If i don't make a commit before the merge. The merge do nothing.
And if i do the commit in my feature branch, then a commit in the
mainline branch. it's look like I due twice the same type of commit.

I think i due something wrong in my process, but not yet undestand why.

Thanks in advance for help.

Nico :

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