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Colin D Bennett wrote:
| On Tue, 29 Jul 2008 15:32:30 +0200
| "Erik Bågfors" <zindar at> wrote:
|>> On tutorial in section 6.2.5 "Merging a feature into trunk" , i
|>> have to do the following actions, in my case :
|>> cd myrtille-0.5.15
|>> bzr pull
|>> bzr merge ../myrtille-fix-252329-makefile
|>> (resolve any conflicts)
|>> bzr commit -m "Fixed bug #252329"
|>> bzr push
|>> If i don't make a commit before the merge. The merge do nothing.
|>> And if i do the commit in my feature branch, then a commit in the
|>> mainline branch. it's look like I due twice the same type of commit.
|> Yepp.. That's how it's done.  You'll get one commit per merge you do.
|> This is a feature and not a problem. Remember that to fix a bug, you
|> might make 10,15, 100 commits, but then when you merge, you have to do
|> just one to get all those in.  If you just do one commit, then it
|> might look like a "unneeded" commit when you merge, but it still
|> provide information and conflict resolution.
| I think the view provided by 'bzr viz' in the bzr-gtk plugin really
| makes this easily visible.  You can see the merges between the branches.
| I'd really like a higher level visualization tool, one that could show
| the relationships between a projects branches.  For instance, it would
| be great to be able to see diagrams like the one under "Version Tree
| Diagrams" in "Streamed Lines":
| Or, something like the GCC release codeline map at the bottom of this
| page:
| When I'm not interested in each commit, but I want to focus on what
| branches have been merged into what other branches, it would be
| extremely useful to have a project level (multi-branch) overview.
| Is there anything like this?  Has anyone else thought about it?
| Regards,
| Colin

Well, qbzr lets you fold and unfold a given branch.

And we record the branch-nick at commit time. So *if* people are using
unique nicks for branches you could collapse on that.


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