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Mon May 12 15:02:40 BST 2008

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TPJ wrote:
| Hello.
| I have a problem with authentication when I use bzr+ssh. I'd like to
| do simply
| $ bzr pull bzr+ssh://
| instead of
| $ bzr pull
| bzr+ssh://
| without being prompted for password. There are two things to notice
| here:
| 1) I have to tell bazaar the username to use.
| 2) I have to tell bazaar the password to use.

If you are branching from "" you actually need an ssh-key. I
don't believe that launchpad allows plain password authentication.  If you use:

bzr launchpad-login USERNAME

it will remember your username, so that in the future you can do:

bzr pull lp:~some_user/project/branch

Now, you may be talking in terms of a generic bzr+ssh:// and just using as an example.

In which case I would configure your username in ~/.ssh/config with a:


We don't support storing passwords for SSH anywhere (because most ssh programs
don't let us supply them anyway, for security reasons.)

So instead, I would recommend setting up an ssh agent. (ssh-agent on Linux,
Pageant on Windows.) Basically, you give your ssh key to the agent one time, and
then it remembers it for any connections you make.

| I failed to do the both.
| I created the file ~/authentication.conf with the following content:
| -----------------------------------------
| scheme=bzr+ssh
| user=my_user
| password=my_password
| -----------------------------------------
| but it didn't help.
| What did I do wrong?
| (I use Bazaar 1.3 on a GNU/Linux box.)

I believe in 1.5 we will warn/error if you try to supply a password for an ssh
connection, rather than just silently ignoring it.

Vila: certainly when parsing the file, we could see "bzr+ssh" and let the user
know that they should be using something else?


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