bazaar performance with single large project and a comparison with?git / mercurial

Talden talden at
Sat Apr 26 03:45:22 BST 2008

> > Our developers are a mix of Windows, Cygwin and likely to soon also
>  > include linux users.  The users are located in three different
>  > continents with two of the three teams using CVS over a WAN with some
>  > fairly severe latency, bandwidth and unfortunately reliability issues.
>  How does ClearCase work over WANs?
>  As for ways to rule out ClearCase, have you tried to come up with
>  a benchmark that measures the server's load?  It may be irrelevant in
>  some sense, but management may not notice whether it's relevant.

ClearCase attempts to resolve it's abysmal protocol performance over
WANs by providing 'Multisite' which clones changes between two sites.
So you have what appears to be a centralised system at each office.
However little details like two devs in separate continents working
together gets painful as I understand that the dev branches are local
their Multi-site copy.

It's clear that while ClearCase tries to provide some of the benefits
of a DVCS it pales in comparison to tools built for DVCS from the
ground up.

If we are forced to use ClearCase a significant differentiating factor
will be lost in the acquisition of our company - unlike all of the
other development campuses  we have three sites that work together as
a single office (we use VOIP and Video-conferencing and remote
desktop-viewing as core parts of our communication).

Converting the development from truly distributed to being several
campuses with specific, non-overlapping competencies will be a nail in
the coffin for some developers. Developers that do not have interests
in the core areas assigned to their office will almost certainly be
forced to find other employment - a bad thing for some of the
developers and IMHO a very bad thing for the company.

Part of my challenge is to demonstrate to those overseeing our
integration that we can form a stable process around Bazaar that meets
all of their policy requirements but allows us to retain the
capabilities we now have (most likely by having developers do their
day-day development in Bazaar and then having CMs push commits made to
the official 'mainline' Bazaar branches out to ClearCase mainlines).


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