Getting progress indication?

Javier Derderian javierder at
Sat Apr 5 18:16:47 BST 2008


As it has been told a couple of days ago, I'm working on a bzr Gedit plugin.

I've been looking around bazaar code and couldn't find where some commands
like push or pull use the progress bar "ui".
I've found that those commands call functions in workingtree, and those
functions in workingtree do initialize a
"bzrlib.ui.ui_factory.nested_progress_bar()" and then pass it around.

My problem is that since I call directly to branch.Branch.pull() or
branch.Branch.push(), and those functions don't have any pb object I can't
find a way to get data from the pb object.

Any idea how can I get a reference to that pb object, or subclass it and
pass my own pb object from push and/or pull functions?


Javier Derderian
javierder at
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