Getting progress indication?

Jeremy Wilkins jeb at
Mon Apr 7 21:57:09 BST 2008

You need to set the progress bar indicator, before doing the bzrlib
stuff. Probably easiest to either depend on bzr-gtk being present or
including a copy of their ui library, That way you'll also get
handling for ftp passwords and stuff.


On Sat, Apr 5, 2008 at 6:16 PM, Javier Derderian <javierder at> wrote:
> Hi,
> As it has been told a couple of days ago, I'm working on a bzr Gedit plugin.
> I've been looking around bazaar code and couldn't find where some commands
> like push or pull use the progress bar "ui".
>  I've found that those commands call functions in workingtree, and those
> functions in workingtree do initialize a
> "bzrlib.ui.ui_factory.nested_progress_bar()" and then pass it around.
> My problem is that since I call directly to branch.Branch.pull() or
> branch.Branch.push(), and those functions don't have any pb object I can't
> find a way to get data from the pb object.
> Any idea how can I get a reference to that pb object, or subclass it and
> pass my own pb object from push and/or pull functions?
> Thanks!
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