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André Pang ozone at
Wed Mar 12 01:32:14 GMT 2008

On 12/03/2008, at 3:52 AM, Nicholas Allen wrote:

> | It's certainly useful to hear about what is blocking people from  
> using
> | Bazaar or Subversion. I'm a bit curious about your use case  
> though; what
> | would be the advantage of using bzr with bzr-svn to your  
> colleagues if you're
> | not migrating the server to Bazaar? Is there a particular Bazaar  
> feature that
> | you'd like to be able to use?
> Well Bazaar handles merging and renaming much better than SVN. Also  
> the ability to work and commit while on the move is amazing and very  
> useful when traveling and without an internet connection. Bazaar  
> makes feature branches possible and short lived experimental  
> branches etc. Put simply Bazaar is in a different league to  
> Subversion and that's why we are interested in using it.

Since Jelmer's looking for feedback, I'll second Nicholas's opinion.   
The main feature in bzr-svn vs svn is offline commits, because I work  
on a laptop all day long and am usually offline.  Everything else  
(fast local commits, local branches, better merging etc) is just  
gravy.  Keep in mind that I still work with a centralised model on  
proprietary software.

I find it rather interesting that even though our company is using  
Subversion for the code repository, the main clients I'm using are  
svk, git-svn, and bzr-svn.  I don't even consider using the standard  
Subversion client these days unless I'm verifying certain behaviour;  
things like all the .svn directories in it drive me mad.  The main  
reason we won't move off Subversion is that there are commercial  
Subversion clients available for the Mac that present it in a nice  
GUI.  We have a lot of non-programmers who work on our software  
(artists, sales folks, etc) who would be rather lost staring at a  

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