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Robert Collins robertc at
Sun Feb 17 22:36:24 GMT 2008

On Sun, 2008-02-17 at 15:28 -0500, Jeff Licquia wrote:
> Based on some discussions here regarding plugin maintenance best 
> practices, I've updated the bisect plugin and decided to release it as 1.0.


I think it would be good to add some queryable metadata to plugins for
building a registry of them. To be able to process this with the plugin
uninstalled and missing dependencies is desirable (so that you can index
a plugin you /can't/ load (such as one for windows only). So I propose
some variables put in as globals - you can import and
query it. And is the only thing guaranteed importable :). If
someone has a buggy (e.g. one that forgets to do 
if __name__ == 'main':
   setup stuff here

Then we can file bugs :).

I propose the following variables:
The name the plugin expects to be installed under:
bzr_plugin_name = 'bisect'

For commands:
bzr_commands = ['bisect']

For formats:
# (look for a .hg directory)
bzr_controldirs = {"Mercurial":{'.hg/': ''}}

# (look for a file called .svn/format with contents 4\n).
bzr_controldirs = {"Subversion":{'.svn/format': '4\n'}}

These seem to be the two key things we extend on at the moment. Then a
program can quickly index plugins by:
    extract the plugin
    inspect the variables


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