Bisect plugin updated

Jeff Licquia jeff at
Sun Feb 17 20:28:43 GMT 2008

Based on some discussions here regarding plugin maintenance best 
practices, I've updated the bisect plugin and decided to release it as 1.0.


  - Previous versions of the plugin could only handle the "mainline" 
revision stream; you had to create branches from revision subtrees to 
bisect those.  Now, the bisect plugin will properly traverse subtrees.

  - Proper distutils setup information is now available.  I've made some 
attempts to make the information useful (per the recent discussions on 
plugin packaging), but would not mind feedback here.

  - Tested (and issues fixed) with bzr versions up to 1.2.  Recent 
testing shows that the plugin works back to bzr 0.18, and it may work 
for even older versions.

I've only been able to test the plugin on Linux; testing/hints/patches 
welcome for Mac or Windows.

I've also reorganized my bzr site a little bit.  The wiki points to; this won't work anymore for 
checkouts, but does make enough sense in a browser to figure out the 
right path.  It's now at (with 
release branches potentially available there too, but none at present). 
  Browsing via loggerhead is also available.

Finally, despite my skepticism to poor Toshio Kuratomi, I am open to 
requests to pull the bisect plugin into some larger collection, into 
core, or wherever people think is best.

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