Bazaar VCS User Registration web page now ready for testing!

Martin Pool mbp at
Thu Aug 9 06:23:44 BST 2007

On 8/8/07, Ian Clatworthy <ian.clatworthy at> wrote:
> All,
> As discussed previously, I've put together a registration survey based
> on the questions proposed here:
> If a few people could give it a test and let me know what you think,
> that would be great. The link is

That looks good.

> 3. How large are the projects on which you use Bazaar? (Please tell us about 1 or more projects.)

As other people said, it's not quite clear what we're asking or why.
How about this additional text:

  We're interested in what kind of project people use Bazaar for.  If
you're already using Bazaar, please tell us about up to three main
projects where you use it.  We'd like to know approximately how many
people contribute to the project, how many files there are in the
source tree, and how many revisions have been committed, and anything
else you'd like to mention.

I'd also add space for a freeform text field.

> 1. What operating systems do you run Bazaar on? (Check all that apply.)

(It seems odd that the questions are numbered on each page, not
throughout the survey.)

I think it's useful to know a bit more granularity here; perhaps
replace "GNU/Linux" with

  RedHat (or derivative)
  SuSE (or derivative)
  Other Linux

and maybe a text field for 'other'

> 1. Other than Bazaar, what VCS tools do you know and like the most? (Select 0 to 3 tools as you wish.)

I'd split this into two questions, "which do you know the most", and
then "which do you like the most".

> 3. What things would you like to see added or improved the most?

As Nicholas says this is probably better to let people rate some items
plus "other".  As well as his features I'd add

 - faster local performance
 - more documentation
 - faster network performance
 - internationalized interface

I'd also add a question about "have you used Launchpad?" and "have you
used Bazaar branches on Launchpad?"

Also would add an invitation to mail us at bazaar@ with further
thoughts/comments, and to subscribe to bazaar-announce@ for release


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