Bazaar VCS User Registration web page now ready for testing!

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at
Fri Aug 10 04:10:05 BST 2007

Paul Moore wrote:

> I agree. I'm just starting to look at Bazaar, and at the moment am
> only really evaluating it. So being asked to list 3 projects, number
> of developers, etc, felt a bit offputting. I didn't actually go beyond
> this point in the survey, and I think if I was doing it "for real",
> I'd do the same.
> Maybe this question should be rephrased:
> How much do you use Bazaar?
>   * New user, evaluating it
>   * Personal use
>   * Large single-developer project(s)
>   * Multi-developer environment
>   * Major public project

OK, I've put a slightly simplier version of this Q on the 2nd page and
moved the more complex Q right to the end. We don't want to lose people
half way through when there's a bunch of simple (tick the box) Qs in the
2nd half.

Thanks for the feedback,
Ian C.

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