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Thu Jun 7 18:43:18 BST 2007

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marc gonzalez-carnicer wrote:

>> What does sys.platform contain?
> cygwin

So in principle, we ought to be able to update our plaform capability
detection to handle cygwin-on-windows.

>> No, it won't solve your problem.  It's a problem with Windows
>> filesystems generally, not FAT32 in particular.
> i see. this is not caused by cygwin neither, it is incompatibility
> with ext2/3 and vfat

No, it is caused by cygwin.  We have special handing for Windows
filesystems, but your sys.platform is not reporting "win32", so we using
the general posix handling, not the special Windows handling.

>> We ought to be able to determine this automatically under Cygwin.
>> I think that's better than explicit configuration.  Probably faster too,
>> since adding that kind of configuration would mean creating a new
>> revision of the working tree format.
> i don't know. but if file properties modification has
> been implemented, i guess this information is
> important to the project. do you mean that a
> requirement would be disabling file property
> change detection if different filesystems are found?

We only detect the executable bit.  On Windows, we essentially disable
change detection for the executable bit.  (There is a plugin if you want
to manipulate the x-bit on Windows.)

> anyway, bzr status operates only on 1 repository at
> a time, and in principle bzr does not know if the merged
> branches have different filesystem types (i guess).

Revision data doesn't reflect filesystem types, and doesn't need to.

> i'd just like to point out (no pun intented), that current
> versions of bzr are unusable for serious development
> if different programmers use different filesystem types

Actually, Bazaar is quite usable if you run it natively, rather than
under cygwin.  And it is perfectly fine for different programmers to use
different filesystem types.

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