[RFC] Bazaar internationalization (i18n)

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Thu Apr 26 06:59:27 BST 2007

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>> 3) Although I try to setup Rosetta for my utility -- I'm still don't
>> understand how it supposed to work, and how it helps me if I'm working 
>> not on Ubuntu.
>> [...]
> Rosetta makes it possible to translate the po files using a simple web
> interface. The most important benefit of this interface is that it
> automatically suggest translations based on existing translation from other
> projects. So you can benefit from already translated projects.
> See https://translations.launchpad.net/+about and follow the Tour and FAQ
> links on top of the page.

OK. Thanks to Martin my pot for bzr-config is now at launchpad.
Last night I'm playing a bit with Rosetta.

It looks superior until all you want -- to work with launchpad via web interface.
It could reduce translation work, because for many short words it proposes
variants from other projects. It's great idea.

But in general it's useful only for GUI interfaces, where big part of messages
is short words (menu names etc.). Because for all too detailed and project-specific things
you need to translate them yourself anyway.

The worst part of Rosetta for me is the process of import ready *.po file.
I've upload my ru.po for bzr-config, but I have no idea when it will be
imported. Because looking at the page with import queue I see in the beginning
of the list request maiden in January.


And my request has #66. So probably in the August it will be finally imported.

My conclusion after first sight:

- - Rosetta is great tool for collaboration and standardized GUI interfaces
- - But it do good works only in one way (export po-file from launchpad to users), but not
in opposite way (import po/pot from user to launchpad).

May be I'm wrong.

On the other hand we already have another form of collaboration: distributed version
control system named Bazaar. And we certainly could keep translations in some dedicated branch.
For the translations maiden with Rosetta we then simply periodically sync it in our tree.

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