bazaar commits via other than [ftp|sftp|rsync]

Vincent Ladeuil v.ladeuil+lp at
Fri Apr 13 22:11:28 BST 2007

>>>>> "Stephen" == Stephen Waterbury <stephen.c.waterbury at> writes:

    Stephen> John Arbash Meinel wrote:
    >> Stephen Waterbury wrote:
    >>> Aaron Bentley wrote:
    >>>> Bazaar works over FTP and SFTP ....
    >>>> We don't support writing through the web at present.
    >>> Is any work being done on enabling bzr commits thru http or
    >>> protocols other than ftp, sftp, and rsync?
    >>> Steve
    >> There are 2 possibilities.
    Stephen> [ ... useful, informative stuff about http and webdav ...]

    Stephen> Thanks for the excellent summary!  That will get me
    Stephen> started.  My main goal is to not have to give a
    Stephen> system account to each committer, so http and/or
    Stephen> webdav would be adequate for that purpose.

If you need help setting up the webdav server, or using the
plugin, feel free to contact me.

I've been pretty silent on the subject so far mainly because:

- I consider the hpss server a better alternative than webdav,

- bzr is mostly used without authentication for http by the vast
  majority of the users,

- I just proposed a patch to bzr enabling the use of http without
  forcing the password to appear in the url, which I considered
  pretty bad taste to impose for webdav usage ;) Webdav
  *requires* authentication.

- I want to have it tested a bit more in real life before release
  (though as it's under GPL, use your freedoms ;) and, yes, as
  John said, against different http servers.

- there is no installation instructions written so far (volunteers
  welcome ;) even if I plan to redo such a setup pretty soon.

But the plugin is installed on all my PCs (except the windows
ones, now that you make think about it) and tested each time I
run the bzr test suite (most often under Ubuntu, a bit less under
Mac OS X). The plugin itself provides a webdav test server
against which the http+webdav transport is tested as a writable

So take that in account regarding the lack of updates: none have
been needed so far (and the test suite have been run many times
since bzr 0.13 :-).

Regarding the tests, https tests have still to be written (and
digest auth too, but that may be less important), but again,
these tests will be written in bzr first and, only if required,
will new specific tests be added.

That being said, feel free to report any bugs you may encounter
and I'll do my best to fix them.

Have fun,


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