next release schedule - 5 weeks?

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Mar 27 04:17:01 BST 2007

In the 0.15 cycle we landed a lot of good work, including the dirstate
format which made a huge improvement to workingtree performance.
Still I think that release cycle, and particularly final
stabilization, took a bit too long.

People seem to agree that a cycle of about 4-5 weeks would be good for
the next release.  There are a number of bugs reported which are
perhaps not quite so critical as to delay 0.15, but which should be
fixed soon.

Counting this week as the first week of development we would have

26 Mar   open week 1
 2 Apr    open week 2
 9 Apr    open development week 3
16 Apr    bugfixes only
23 Apr     release candidate
30 Apr     release

Would that be acceptable?

Per Robert's mail ("mini-sprint"), I would like to focus on  smart
server performance: getting it to do more things per higher-level
methods and in particular the key use cases of the initial branch or
push.  That's not to exclude bug fixes or other features, which are
always welcome.

I'd be happy to be release manager again for this cycle, unless
someone else is particularly keen.


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