bzr status and commit strange behaviour

John Arbash Meinel john at
Sat Mar 17 14:52:31 GMT 2007

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Stefano Spinucci wrote:
> On Windows 2000, using the unofficial binary provided by Alexander
> Belchenko (,
> working on a network share, I encountered the following problem:
> - bzr status --> showed a file to commit
> - bzr commit --> don't commit the file, and  created an empty commit
> - bzr status --> showed again the same file to commit
> - bzr commit --> don't commit the file, and  created another empty commit
> - ...changing the file...
> - bzr status --> showed a file to commit
> - bzr commit --> commited the file
> - bzr status --> showed no file to commit
> - bzr commit --> failed because there was nothing to commit
> Any hint for this strange behaviour (a modified file not committed and
> an empty commit created)???
> Maybe reopening, saving again and closing the file (an excel
> spreadsheet) I removed some strange/subtle lock on the file letting
> the commit to succeed???
> PS
> bazaar rocks, really...
> ---
> Stefano Spinucci

Was there anything non-standard about the file? Like maybe having
unicode characters or something?

If you aren't passing "--unchanged" to commit, I would have imagined it
should have rejected the commit.

Is it possible to get a copy of the branch (off-list would be fine) for

Are you sure the commit succeeded in the original cases? (bzr log
- --verbose -r-10..-1, shows commits with no changes?)

I know Windows locking can be a bit... odd. I seem to remember that
there are ways to lock a file, such that you can open it, but when you
go to read you get an exception. (Though it might have just been the
'rb+' seek between reads and writes bug)

There are also possibilities that Windows was caching the file, but I
would have expected "bzr status" to not report a change if that was the

There is also a small problem in the current bzr, that the "diff" logic
used for "status" is not the same as the one used by "commit". They
honestly need different information (commit uses more snapshots than
deltas, but at the same time it needs some delta info).

If this was reproduceable it would be great. But I realize sometimes the
planets do not align. :)

Can you give any more details? (Maybe send me the contents of
C:\Documents and Settings\username\.bzr.log, or is that in My Documents


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