Launchpad branches (was Re: BzrBranches wiki page)

John Arbash Meinel john at
Tue Mar 6 22:49:14 GMT 2007

Matthew D. Fuller wrote:
>> Overall, there doesn't seem to be much the page does as far as
>> listing branches, that the Launchpad branch list probably can't do
>> better.  
> In partnership with this, I've done a quick glance over the branches
> listed on Launchpad, to see which of them can probably be trimmed out.
> It's a pretty long list, and some of them probably shouldn't be active
> anymore.

Thanks for looking at it. I try to keep my branches in some semblance of
order, so your reminder is appreciated. One thing with LP, is that only
the user or members of the group (if a shared branch) can change the
status. This is somewhat reasonable, though it could also be nice if a
project manager could mark people's branches as abandoned in case the
person disappears.

> These, I'm reasonably sure could go:
>   - versionedfile (jrydberg): Surely this is obsolete by now.

>   - decorators (jam): Fully merged in

> These are fully merged, but I don't know whether their work is done
> yet:
>   - knit_utf8_revision_ids (jam)

>   - utf8_file_ids (jam)

>   - lpurl (mpool)

> There aren't merged, but I suspect they may be obsolete:
>   - xml_writer (lifeless): Superceded by jam's xml_writer, which is
>     merged?

Weird, in that I believe I branched of of his to create mine. I would
have thought that it would be merged.

>   - compressed-weaves (jam): Experimental for a pretty long dead
>     format, untouched in a year+?

Well, it is marked "experimental". But yeah, knits mop the floor with
weaves, so there isn't much need to keep an alternate weave
implementation around.

>   - cache-stat (jam): Untouched since 2005/12.

Dirstate pretty much handles all of this and then some. So consider it

> There're probably others that should be moved up to Merged or
> Abandoned, but those are the ones that jump out at me and I could
> easily check.

I've tried to update some of my branches so the page is a bit cleaner.


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