2 way sync between bzr and svn using tailor?

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Thu Feb 1 17:28:44 GMT 2007

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Jelmer Vernooij wrote:
> Hi Nicholas,


>> The thing is I am trying to work out how I can commit changes back from 
>> the bzr branch of trunk to subversion. It would be nice if I could use 
>> tailor to do this so that it works in both directions. Unfortunately, I 
>> couldn't find much on the web that described how one would go about 
>> this. What little I did find was not related to bzr and svn as well. I 
>> was wondering if anyone had some ideas about this or has tried this 
>> themselves and could offer some advice.
> The folks on the tailor list might be able to give you better advice
> about this, although there might be people around here as well who have
> experience with tailor.
> Cheers,
> Jelmer

I don't believe tailor is really designed to work bidirectionally like
this. As tailor is really designed to be a 1-off conversion. It has
limited support for resuming. In my experience it works well if you
cancel and restart, but has more difficulty if the previous conversion
completes fully. (at least the status file I've seen only includes the
changes that it has yet to convert).

The other thing is that you really need 1 more level to do this nicely,
in that once you have pushed your changes back into svn, you don't
really want bzr thinking that you are out of date on the other side, and
then a merge tries to merge all the changes it already has, and causes

- From that aspect, bzr-svn works a lot better, as it interoperates much
cleaner. It might be best to try to figure out why bzr-svn doesn't work
for you yet, and see if we can get it working before trying to work
something out with tailor.

I've worked with tailor a bit, there might be a way to tell it "I've
converted *these* revisions already, start from here".

I think it is the --revision or --start-revision flag. I haven't used it
to know how well it works, though.

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