Bzr bind/unbind ideas

Jan Hudec bulb at
Sun Dec 3 15:27:59 GMT 2006

On Sun, Dec 03, 2006 at 01:19:37PM +0100, Nicholas Allen wrote:
> The way I work, it is useful to have a
> > push command that reorders revision history.  
> The suggestion I am making would not prevent you doing this anyway. You
> could still pass the --overwrite option to push and they would be
> reordered on the push location. It's just that the default for push
> would be to prevent this - and I think that is a reasonable default.

Please, be vary that --overwrite is way too strong for this purpose.
There would have to be a new option for the current behaviour.

> Basically how bzr handles bound branches would become the default
> behaviour for pushing. You would have to run update (or some other
> command that has the same behaviour as update does currently on a bound
> branch). But you could also run push --overwrite if you didn't mind the
> revision history changing order.

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