[step 04] request: 12 steps towards a high performance server

Andrew Bennetts andrew at canonical.com
Thu Sep 14 06:51:57 BST 2006

On Wed, Sep 13, 2006 at 11:41:10AM -0500, John Arbash Meinel wrote:
> >    http://people.ubuntu.com/~andrew/bzr/BzrNewError.__str__/
> >      make BzrNewError.__str__'s error handling a bit more robust and bit more
> >      informative.
> +0.95
> I thought there was a test that checked the result of an unprintable
> BzrNewError. So it seems that test should be updated along with this patch.
> I don't see it now, but I think it would be good to add one. You can do
> it as easily as just creating a child exception which has a docstring
> with parameters that don't match the variables. (Either a %d with a
> string not a number, or a missing variable, etc)
> I wouldn't require the test, since I think it is a beneficial change,
> but it would be nice to get one.

I've added a test.  Thanks for the review.


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