Centralized Storage, round 2

John A Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Sat Sep 17 04:20:05 BST 2005

Erik Bågfors wrote:
> I just wanted to second Aaron here.  I'd like to move my company over
> to bzr at some point. And a central storage is a big plus.  Right now
> when using subversion, as soon as someone does a commit, everyone can
> access it and we can do "svn copy trunk branches/branch1" and EVERYONE
> can use branch1 directly.
> My preference would be if the same thing could be done with bzr but
> ALSO you should be able to create a local branch, do everything
> locally, then merge back into the central branch etc....
> We have everyone on the local LAN but lot's of people are travelling
> and being in places without connectivity to our central repository. 
> Then it makes much sence to be able to do offline stuff.
> Regards,
> Erik

Well, I'm currently thinking of having a model where commits are stored
locally as well as in a centralized store. That way if you are working,
and committing, and then go offline, you can switch the branch to
local-only commit, and then sync when you get back online. The trick is
to make the commit handle double locking so you do the full, "prepared,
committed if other is committed, committed".

This model doesn't make branching any lighter, because local branches
still have to have everything. But this is the bind/unbind code.

Centralized stores, which can basically just be a group of
text/inventory/revision stores can help make branching cheaper. You
could have one locally and one on the remote machine.

The third portion is to have centralized branches, where I think Aaron's
 proposal for naming branches can certainly be worth something.


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