Centralized Storage, round 2

Aaron Bentley aaron.bentley at utoronto.ca
Fri Sep 16 15:08:11 BST 2005

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Robert Collins wrote:
> Sounds to me that that centralised storage isn't really the key here;
> its having the branches in a central place that you can
> backup/access/merge from.

That's the kind of centralized storage I'd like to see.

> (/home/warthogs/archives/USERNAME/$CATEGORY/[$VERSION/]/$BRANCH). This
> will be inefficient without central storage, but will be easy to use.

It won't be as easy as Arch.  Branching will require extra steps.

Managers have a concern about DRCS that it could lead to branches being
lost.  They want to be reassured that they'll be able to find everything
without being dependent on a particular programmer.  They want a system
where centralization of branches can be on by default.

> As
> our developers currently mirror their archives up, they will be using
> push as the equivalent to 'mirror', and I'll be doing a 'post commit
> hook' to make this happen automatically for those who want that.

That makes sense for a spread-out organization like Canonical, but it's
silly when everyone's on the same LAN.

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