Centralized storage in bzr

Roncaglia Julien bazaar-ng at virtualblackfox.net
Tue Jun 14 19:49:31 BST 2005

> I think it's important to make it optional, and I'd argue, not the default 
> situation.

Why not put the centralized storage in .bzr by default

.bzr/storage/ will contain the storage and .bzr the locals parameters as
every other branchs (The storage will point to the storage/ directory
that's all.

bzr init will do that by default and so the way it work will be the
same... the only think is that if a "bzr branch" command is used the
storage won't be copied but will just point to the old one.

Some options to init will be needed (point to another storage and init
the storage only) but the main interactions will remain the same.
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