How is Bazaar-NG related to Bazaar and Arch in general?

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Wed Jun 1 13:47:17 BST 2005

>>>>> "Sean" == Sean Russell <ser-bazaar at> writes:

    Sean> On Wednesday 01 June 2005 04:39, Shlomi Fish wrote:
    >> I am Shlomi Fish the creator and maintainer of the Better-SCM site:

    Sean> Thanks for that, by the way.

    >> Bazaar is present there. Due to its name I assumed Bazaar-NG was also an
    >> implementation of the Arch architecture, and also present there, but I was
    >> told this is not the case. My question is: how is Bazaar-NG related to
    >> Bazaar? (except for its name) Do its developers also seek to make it an
    >> implementation of the Arch architecture?
    >> If it does not share a similar architecture with Bazaar, why is it called
    >> "Bazaar-NG"?

    Sean> Bazaar-NG shares none of the code base, is not written in the same language, 
    Sean> and does not work with Arch repositories, so I'd argue that it not labeled an 
    Sean> Arch derivative.  Bazaar is a fork of Arch; Bazaar-NG is not.  

    Sean> I suspect that the only thing Bazaar-NG has in common with Bazaar (and, 
    Sean> therefore, Arch) is that it is being developed by the same people, and they 
    Sean> chose a similar name.  I'm guessing that the developers of Bazaar originally 
    Sean> forked Arch to add some functionality, and then came to the conclusion that 
    Sean> it needed a fresh rewrite in a higher-level language to remove many of the 
    Sean> architectural limitations of Arch.  So they started Bazaar-NG.

Does that mean that development on Bazaar is now stalled, with all
manpower invested in Bazaar-NG ? 

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